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"Why did so many Australians volunteer to go and fight on the other side of the world? What was it like living in the trenches at Gallipoli, only a stone's throw from the enemy? Why were there almost 50 percent casualties at the first landing? How accurate was the 1981 movie, Gallipoli? Why do Australians commemorate Anzac Day?"

You are a memed

Tell me my friend said memed
To the anzak
Where are you from
You look miss your home
From Other side of the world said anzak
It says on my tombstone
The soil cover me is not from my home
Dont worry said memed
You are here in my home
With me forever
You are a memed forever
You are my brother

Bulent Ecevit
Former Prime Minister
of Turkey

Visiting Gallipoli Today:

Why does anyone go to Pompei, or to Versailles or to the Akropolis in Athens ?

There may be different reasons : perhaps because the history of western civilisation was forged there. Because nothing much there has changed over a period of so many centuries. Or perhaps most of all, because some spirit of times long past still lingers among the old buildings.Something you cannot define as such. But still, it's there.

Why should anyone wish to go to a place like Gallipoli ? Well ...


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"Anzac Day Services are held each year at the Anzac Commemorative Site at Gallipoli on April 25. Find out about the latest news and events including important information about Anzac Day at Gallipoli here.

The "Visit Gallipoli" web site is also being constantly updated. Latest features inlcude new sections - Nurses at Gallipoli and Lemnos, and War Correspondents with new material which has been unearthed from the State Library of NSW on the correspondent Ashmead Bartlett. Find out about the latest additions here."

These and many other questions were answered...

These and many other questions are answered in the following sites. If you are looking for the best stories of the Australians and New Zealanders at Gallipoli, you will find them.


They fought for it...


They will be there forever...